Access OUR LADY MUSEUM is now open
through smartphones, tablets and computers through the links below.
To download the content on your phone
use the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android phones.
If you're using Windows or Mac computers, access via Google Chrome link below.
The content of the Virtual Círio Museum is free. If you want to help the social works of the Parish of Nazaré there will be a voluntary option for donations. The museum allows you to immersively follow the best moments of the traditional Círio procession through 360-degree panoramic video, documentaries and photographic exhibitions. It is also possible to check up close all the details of the sacred robes of the last years, these digitized using photogrammetry - a technology that allows to create digital holograms with enormous fidelity. The symbols on the robes are explained in the smallest detail by the stylist Luiz Langer.  
Below you can preview some of the content of the Virtual Museum of Círio.
In October 2019 devotees of Our Lady were able to experience the Cirio Museum using virtual reality glasses donated by HTC.
The content was exhibited at the Memory of Nazaré museum,
inside Casa de Plácido, Sanctuary area of Belém's Shrine. Watch it in the video below.
Our team background and previous work was recently feature in a TV program, check it out in the link below.
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